Snow Machine service regimen (Lubrication and Parts Extra)

  1. New spark plugs
  2. New oil and fuel filter
  3. Grease everything
  4. Clean power valves
  5. Check/replace chain case oil
  6. Check chain case tension and adjust if necessary
  7. Inspect/charge battery
  8. Check/replace light bulbs
  9. Check/replace belt
  10. Check/adjust track tension and alignment
  11. Check/replace hyfax (sliders)
  12. Check all rear suspension idler wheel bearings and replace, if necessary
  13. Check/replace carbides
  14. Carburetor inspections: a) adjust choke plungers, b) adjust pilot air screws, c) synchronize carburetor slide valves at idle and off idle, d) adjust engine RPM, e) adjust throttle lever free play, f) synchronize oil pump lever, g) inspect choke/throttle cables, h) inspect vent lines for wear or kinking
  15. Clean primary clutch and inspect for excessive wear or cracks
  16. Disassemble secondary clutch. Clean and check buttons, clean the shaft
  17. Check/replace driveshaft bearing and speedo key
  18. Check/replace worn suspension components
  19. Inspect starter recoil rope
  20. Check compression and record readings
  21. Check drive to driven clutch offset (belt removed)
  22. Inspect rubber engine mounts
  23. Inspect fuel and oil tank vent lines and routing
  24. Brakes – Hydraulics: a) check brake fluid, b) check for proper hose routing; tightness of banjo bolts and line fasteners, c) check for system fluid leaks, d) visually inspect pads for wear and damage or looseness, e) check the condition of brake discs
  25. Liquid-cooled models: a) check coolant level and specific gravity, b) check water pump drive belt condition and deflection, c) check coolant hose, routing and clamps, d)inspect heat exchangers, condition and fasteners e) check coolant system for proper coolant circulation, f) replace recovery line filter, g) check coolant recovery line one way, check valve, h) pressure-test cooling system
  26. Fan-cooled models: a) inspect cooling fins and shrouds
  27. Check toe and front-end alignment
  28. Vacuum out anything that shouldn’t be under the hood (ex. leaves)

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